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A bunny chow is a uniquely South African food rooted in a mixed masala of local history. What started in the Indian communities of Durban soon spread to other cultures and the bunny soon became a South African eat-on-the-go favourite. Tragically, this iconic dish is now almost always served in sweaty cling wrap, or sadder yet, yesterday’s newspaper, leaving you with a lunch that’s soppier than any tabloid content could ever be. The Bowery’s Food Club delivers pre-ordered lunches for office workers all over Johannesburg, individually wrapped in biodegradable packaging. Having reinvented the office canteen, The Bowery was looking for a neat solution for one of its most popular lunch items. Introducing the better bunny box. A simple, original design that perfectly and securely encases the bunny chow for easy, mess free transport, then folds out into a beautiful plate. And is completely recyclable. Now you can have your bunny and eat it too – thanks to a little bit of clever design and in-the-box thinking.