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Gingerbon is a sweet made with ginger and knowing the fact that not many people like the taste of ginger, it was a challenge for the agency to find the right concept and the right medium.

The message was simple: if you have a sore throat due to circumstances where one has to shout, Gingerbon is the product you need to make it right. Note is made in the radio that it is not a medicine.

The scripts talk about 3 different situations which are very local:

The parliament where often there are loads of noises and people shout. The noise and loud effect is cleverly used here to justify the reason to use Gingerbon.

Same applies to the other 2 radios:

live horseracing commentator shouting and a typical political meeting with the public. It is to be noted there that these 3 situations are very much “Mauritian” and are unique to the country.

It was a simple yet effective way to communicate on a product which does not necessarily has a liking among the public.

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