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For over half a century Nyala has been trusted and loved by Zulus in KwaZulu Natal. But over time, with the introduction of new competitors, Nyala has lost market share. We needed to reignite the brand and remind the Zulu people that Nyala is genuine maize meal trusted by generations of Zulu men and women because it feeds the Zulu within.Because Food is habit, culture, tradition, identity and craving, we set out to create a campaign that not only unified Zulus but also inspired them to embrace their regal and authentic culture and to always buy Nyala because to buy any other maize meal or instant porridge brand would be to deny your Zulu identity.We took advantage of Nyala’s unmistakable and bright orange colour to set the optimistic and proud tone of this campaign, and combined with the line “Made of Zulu / Eyakwa Zulu”, we reinforced that Nyala and Zuluness are one and the same.